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At INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF AFRICAN AUTHORS AND SCHOLARS, we are a non profit and our authors interact, network and discuss our passion, achievement and advancement in writing for individual development and nation building, publishing, sales and book fair. Authors are welcome with annual membership registration and will be included on our list with their book titles, email address, website address and mobile number. Join our growing list of authors and scholars and help in the quest to promote our brands and develop individuals. Get involve in our collective knowledge for nation building through excellence in leadership. Contact us now for membership details, partnership and how to join the list of our sponsors.

Also we assist the less privilege on educational materials and give out scholarships to less privilege students on study materials.


  • Authors persuade, inform and entertain our readers to be empowered individuals. While individuals continue to change positively by the works of authors and scholars, leaders also must adapt positively to the norms and expectations of the people.
  • In the present, leaders shape the world but who shapes the leaders? Now the international community will benefit from IAAAS as a resource center for authors to satisfy our readers and at the same time a platform to advise and guide leaders with the needed tools for nation building.

At IAAAS, our benefit starts with the joy, passion and achievement of writing to promoting our brands and continues to the provision of publishing resources for our authors. The IAAAS authors “pie” is also a task which does not end without the responsibility of sharing knowledge through book fair, promoting literacy, encouraging literary scholarship and rewarding excellence in leadership. Return to our website for news and more information about our creative works and how to sponsor our programs and book fair.